Saturday, December 25, 2010

Chapter 2

Ronnie and Brad had a relaxing Christmas and then of course Brad had to go back to practice the day after Christmas so Ronnie decided to go out to lunch with a couple of her girlfriends, Elizabeth and Sarah . Ronnie was waiting at the table for her friends and then saw them walk in together. They saw Ronnie sitting at the table and came over and sat down.

"What's up Ronnie, we got your message that it was urgent that we meet for lunch. Is everything ok?" Elizabeth asked looking at her friend.
Sarah looked at Ronnie too with concern.
"Nothing is wrong and everything is right" Ronnie smiled brightly at her friends.
"Spill then smiley" Sarah joked.
"Brad and I are......" Ronnie started and then Sarah interrupted, "You two are finally engaged or already married".
"No" Ronnie said.
"Pregnant" Elizabeth suggested and Ronnie nodded.
"Oh my god really I am right" Elizabeth said as she hugged Ronnie and then Sarah joined in the hug too.
They all laughed and then settled themselves back in their seats.
"Yes, Brad and I are expecting a baby and I am super excited and so is Brad" she said patting her abdomen.
"This is wonderful news and I am so happy for you" Elizabeth said.
"I am happy for you two too" Sarah smiled.

The girls continued their conversation and ate their lunch.

Meanwhile at practice Brad was working out with the guys and they were trash talking about the next team they were playing.
Brad has also told his teammates that he and Ronnie were expecting a baby and of course all his teammates were thrilled about the news. And they were all agreed that Brad would be a great dad and that made Brad feel good.

That evening Brad got home to find Ronnie making dinner in the kitchen.

"Hey sweetie how are you?" Brad asked taking Ronnie's hand and pulling her close to him and then giving her a quick kiss.
"I am good and had a fun day with the girls at lunch and told them about the baby. Of course Elizabeth and Sarah are thrilled beyond belief and can't wait to help me out with a baby shower" Ronnie smiled.
"That's wonderful and I told the guys and they are happy for us too. They said we need some good things to happen to us now and this baby is a great way to start our life together and I agree totally" Brad said giving Ronnie another kiss.
"I agree too and love you Brad" Ronnie said hugging Brad tight.
"Love you too sweetie" Brad said holding Ronnie close.

Then the happy couple enjoyed a quiet romantic dinner together at home.

Friday, December 17, 2010

Chapter 1

Once again this goes out to my best friend, CG for writing this amazing series

Brad tore off the Christmas paper and looked at the picture inside of a frame. He looked at Ronnie and then back at the picture, "What's this?"

"What do you think it is?" Ronnie asked back.

"Its a baby and OH MY GOD! Ronnie are you...oh wow..." he stuttered and then kissed Ronnie deeply.

"Merry Christmas Brad, you are going to be a dad" Ronnie smiled at Brad.

"We are having a baby, wonderful. Ronnie I love you so much and this baby is our Christmas miracle" Brad said kissing Ronnie again.

"I love you too Brad and this is our Christmas miracle and we are adding a new member to the Stars family with this baby" she said.

"A new "Star" for Christmas is great for all of us" Brad said holding Ronnie close and smiling.

This Christmas was so special for Brad because he had Ronnie and now they had their new baby to add to their family. Life was wonderful.


A/N: my best friend wrote this amazing story and prologue and we decided to collaborate on it :)

Brad and Ronnie had both been extremely busy because of jobs and of course the Christmas season. Brad was playing extremely well this hockey season and loved being in Dallas. The Stars were a great team to play for in the NHL. Ronnie was busy helping her dad, Joe Nieuwendyk, getting behind the scenes work done for the Stars. But the couple had planned on have a couple days to themselves to just enjoy being with each other.

Ronnie was planning a super special Christmas Eve evening with Brad. She had some exciting news for him too.

The next few days were crazy at Brad's condo because every time Brad would think he and Ronnie had a few minutes alone she would say either she had a meeting or Christmas shopping or meeting her girlfriends for some activity. Brad was starting to wonder if this exciting news was something along the lines of them breaking up but he never felt that vibe when they were snuggled together at night asleep.

Christmas Eve morning Brad woke up to hear Ronnie in the bathroom. She had water running so that Brad would not hear her throwing up. Ronnie cleaned up her face and hope that letting the water run Brad would not find out her secret until she was ready that night. Ronnie had planned on giving Brad the first picture of their unborn child as a special Christmas present. She could not wait to see his face when he would find out he was going to be a dad in the new year.

Brad got out of bed and went to the bathroom and turned the knob and walked in to see Ronnie smiling and washing her hands.

"Good morning Brad" Ronnie said and leaned up to give him a quick kiss.

"Morning darling" Brad said smiling back, "You ok? You were in here a while?" he asked.

"I am perfect because you are right here next to me" Ronnie giggled which made Brad laugh too.

"Good to know because we have today together and I do not what anything bad to happen while we enjoy Christmas Eve" Brad said taking Ronnie's hand and walking her back to the bed to sit and pull Ronnie on his lap.

"So we have today all to ourselves what are we going to do?" Ronnie asked smiling as she played with Brad's hair.

"I was just hoping to be lazy with you here at the house" Brad said leaning back on the bed and taking Ronnie with him.

"Works for me" she joked as they kissed.

Brad and Ronnie spent the day curled up in each other's arms watching movies until it was time to make dinner. They work well as a team fixing the food. Brad set up some candles and the nice china for their dinner. Ronnie brought out the food and set it on the table. They enjoyed their meal and talked about the next half of the hockey season and about Christmas memories.

After they cleaned up and got everything put away they walked over to the Christmas tree and sat down and opened presents.

There was one last present under the tree and Ronnie knew what it was and Brad looked at it questioningly.

"What's this" he said pulling out the flat present and then read his name was on it.

"I do not know why don't you open it and find out" Ronnie jokingly suggested.

Summary; Intro/Cast

This is a series that I am collaborating with my best friend CG. she wrote this amazing series and we thought about changing it into a series.

Summary: Brad Richards and Ronnie Nieuwendyk have gone through a lot of during their relationship and now they are living their lives.

My name is Veronica Nieuwendyk and everyone calls me Ronnie for short. I am currently dating Brad Richards and a miracle is happening for us. We are expecting our first child. This is our story

Set during the 2010-2011 Season


Veronica Anna Nieuwendyk

Nickname: Ronnie

Age: 30

Dating Brad Richards

She looks like this: dorinda

Bradley Glenn Richards

Nickname: Brad or Richie

Age: 30

Dating Ronnie Nieuwendyk

He looks like this: richards_interview2

Sarah Andrews

No nickname

Age: 27

Dating Adam Burish

She looks like this: carrie

Adam Burish

Nickname: Bur

Age: 28

Dating Sarah Andrews

He looks like this:adam-burish

Brenden Morrow

Nickname: Bren or B-Mo

Age: 31

Dating Alyssa Neal

He looks like this: morrowinterview5


Nickname: Aly

Age: 28

Dating Brenden Morrow

She looks like this: katevoegele

Elizabeth Matthews

Nickname: Liz

Age: 24

Dating Brandon Segal

She looks like this:kiera

Brandon Segal

Nickname: Segs

Dating Elizabeth Matthews

He looks like this: brandon