Monday, March 28, 2011

Chapter 13

Several weeks later and Brad was back to playing again. He was enjoying playing again and being with his teammates and going on road trips. He missed Ronnie a lot when he was gone but they talked on the phone a lot.

Ronnie was having to rely on her dad to get her to appointments and other things when Brad was gone. She missed Brad a lot but was super happy he was playing again.

One weekend Ronnie was resting in the bedroom watching tv when she started feeling weird. She got up from the bed and then her world went black.

A few hours later Ronnie woke up in a hospital room with her dad talking to the doctor. She was wondering what happened.

"Hey what's going on?" Ronnie asked and then the doctor and her dad turned around to look at her.
"Sweetie, you are awake. How are you feeling?" Joe, Ronnie's dad, asked.
"I feel fine but the last thing I remember I was in my room and I got up to go to the bathroom and then I wake up and I am here. What's going on and what about my baby?" Ronnie asked freaking out.
"Ronnie, you fainted and your sugar level was low. Have you been eating like you should be doing?" the doctor asked.
"Well I guess I thought I was eating well but maybe since Brad has been gone a lot and so I am not as good as I should be and I know that is wrong" Ronnie said feeling guilty.
"Ronnie, I have decided to keep you here overnight to make sure everything is fine with you and your baby" the doctor said and Ronnie nodded and then the doctor left Ronnie and her dad alone.

"Dad, I feel so bad as a mom. I know better after all I have been through and oh gosh Brad is gonna hate me for not taking care of me and the baby" Ronnie sobbed and Joe hugged his daughter.
"Its going to be ok and I do not think that Brad will hate you. He loves you" Joe said trying to reassure his daughter that everything would be ok.

Ronnie had her dad call Brad and tell him she was in the hospital. Brad freaked out and was able to get back to Dallas quickly.

When Brad got to the hospital he found Ronnie's room and when he walked in she was sleeping. He went over to sit down on her bed and just watch her sleep. He had been freaking out on the inside because he had no idea why Ronnie was in the hospital. When he got a cab he told the driver go as fast as possible but no accidents along the way. The driver laughed and got Brad to the hospital as fast as he could from the airport.

After a little while Brad ended up getting more comfortable next to Ronnie and fell asleep.

The nurse walked in and saw Brad and Ronnie asleep and laughed but then she went over to Brad and woke up Brad.

"Excuse me" the nurse said as she gently nudged Brad. He stirred and then moved to look at who had woken him.
Brad smiled, "Sorry I got here kinda late and she was sleeping and I did not want to wake her but I had to make sure my fiancee was going to be fine".
"Its fine but I need to check her stats".
"That's fine I will be right back anyway" Brad said and then left the nurse to do her job.

After a little bit the nurse was done and Brad went back into Ronnie's room. Ronnie was awake and she saw Brad and smiled, "Hey".
"Hey beautiful, how are you feeling?"
"Good and the doctors said I will be fine" Ronnie said.
"Why are you in the hospital?" Brad asked worriedly.
Ronnie shook her head and tried to turn away from Brad but he would not let her.
"Ronnie tell me now" Brad said sternly.
"I feel ashamed for why" Ronnie explained but finely gave in, "I was not eating correctly and I fainted".
"Ronnie how could not take care of yourself and our baby?" Brad said looking very upset.
Ronnie got upset and the tears started forming and then Brad felt bad and pulled Ronnie close, "I am sorry Ronnie, baby and I love you and I do not want anything to happen to you or the baby".
"I love you too and you know I would never do anything to hurt our baby" Ronnie apologized.
"Its ok baby, I love you and it will be ok" Brad kissed Ronnie deeply.

The rest of the evening Brad and Ronnie talked about the baby, possible names and nursery ideas and several other baby related things.

The doctor released Ronnie the next day and Brad took her home and they hung out together for the rest of the day snuggled together.

Monday, March 21, 2011

Chapter 12

Brad was slowly starting to feel better and the team doctors finally said he could just skate alone on the ice. He skated and things still seemed a little off but he was determined to get better before the end of the season.

Brad was working out in the team gym one day with several of his teammates. Brenden Morrow decided to jump around and pretend to dance to the random song that was playing on the sound system to get some laughs out of his teammates. Brad just shook his head and laughed. It felt good to laugh not that he had been sad lately it had just been stressful with his injury and Ronnie almost losing the baby.

"I am just so cool with my awesome dancing" Brenden said as he continued to act like a fool.
"Oh my word, Brenden you are crazy" Brad joked still laughing.
"I am and I don't care" Brenden laughed too and finally stopped and sat down to catch his breath.
"I can tell you do not care" Brad said shaking his head and then went to get on a stationary bike to work out his legs.
"Hey Brad, how are you? I know you and Ronnie have been kinda going through a lot of stuff" Brenden asked.
"We are doing ok. Ronnie is on bed rest and its driving her insane but she is a great sport" Brad said.
"Glad to hear she is going to be ok and now we just need you to get healthy because boy we miss you on the ice man" Brenden stated.
"I know and hopefully before too long" Brad said hopefully.

Meanwhile back at the condo, Ronnie was chilling in the living room reading a baby name book that Brad had given her. She had all sorts of baby books to read and was learning a lot of stuff and some things that she was not sure she wanted to know.

Ronnie was waiting for Brad to come home just because she was bored out of her mind and wanted his company. Her dad and come by earlier and brought lunch and they ate on the balcony of the condo. She enjoyed her time with her dad. They had fun talking about the team and the baby.

Just as Ronnie was about to call Brad she heard the door and wanted to bad to jump up and run into his arms she restrained herself.

"Hey hottie" Ronnie called from the bedroom where she was chilling.
"Hey sexy" Brad answered back and then came and sat down next to her and kissing her.
Ronnie enjoyed the kiss and then Brad pulled back, "What's been going on sweetie?"
"Dad came over for lunch and we ate on the balcony and it was nice. The weather is great today" Ronnie said.
"Sounds busy and I hope you relaxed" Brad said sternly and looking at Ronnie.
"Dude, of course I chilled" Ronnie said smiling.
"Good because I love both of you" Brad said and then put his hand on Ronnie's abdomen.
"We love you too Brad. Now I am bored so entertain me please" Ronnie asked with her adorable smile that Brad could not resist.

He leaned down and kissed her and then he talked to her about what he had done that day at the arena.

They hung out and finally Ronnie convinced Brad to take her out of the house for a short walk in their complex. It did Ronnie wonders just being outside and Brad kept asking her if she was ok and she kept reassuring she was fine.

They got home and Ronnie was tired so she decided to take a nap before dinner and Brad stayed in the living room and watched some tv.

After a while Brad ordered dinner and then got the table ready for a romantic dinner for two. When the food got there he set everything up and then went to check on Ronnie but she was not in bed. He heard her in the bathroom and knocked on the door.

"Hey gorgeous are you ok?" Brad asked.
Ronnie opened the door, "Hey I am fine just your child making me nauseous" Ronnie joked and put her hand on his chest.
"Ok just making sure because I have dinner ready".
"You are my hero because I am starving".
"Great shall we go?" Brad asked and Ronnie took his hand and they headed into the kitchen and Ronnie smiled when she saw how Brad and taken the time to set setting for a romantic evening they both enjoyed.

Friday, March 18, 2011

Chapter 11

Ronnie was chilling on the sofa in the condo watching tv. She was getting so bored being on bed rest because of her pregnancy but she knew it had to happen.

"Ugh this is insane but I know its for the best" Ronnie muttered to herself.
She was channel surfing because nothing was keeping her attention. She was seriously bored but she was not allowed to go anywhere unless Brad took her.

Ronnie finally decided to go and make some lunch. She figured that could not be too much for her. So she got up and headed into the kitchen. She found some easy stuff to make for lunch and ate. She then cleaned up and headed back into the bedroom to take a nap.

She was sleeping when Brad came home from working out. He was starting to feel somewhat better but was not allowed on the ice. So he was just working out in the gym with the trainers and the doctors were keeping a close tab on his progress.

Brad walked into the bedroom to see Ronnie sleeping. That made him feel better knowing she and the baby were fine. He took off his shoes and socks and got onto the bed and slid next to Ronnie. Brad ended up falling asleep too.

Ronnie turned in her sleep at one point and realized that Brad was holding her. She opened her eyes for just a moment and smiled seeing his sleeping face and then went back to sleep.

A few hours later Brad woke up and moved and that woke Ronnie up too.

"Hey" Brad said smiling at Ronnie.
"Hey you" Ronnie joked back.
"Sorry for waking you up".
"Its ok Brad, actually your child is playing soccer with my bladder for some reasons so I will be right back" Ronnie laughed and headed into the bathroom.

Brad waiting for Ronnie to come back out and when she did he patted the bed and she walked back over and sat down next to him.

Brad pulled her close and kissed her. They ended up in a serious make out session which was enjoyed by both until Ronnie's stomach started to growl.

Ronnie pulled back and giggled, "I think someone is hungry".
"I think someone trying to get your attention and not letting me enjoy some adult time with my gorgeous fiance" Brad countered back.
"Let's get some dinner because I am starving" Ronnie said.
"Fine but we are getting something delivered because you are staying put" Brad said sternly and Ronnie just shook her head.

Brad called their favorite Italian place and ordered for the both of them.

A little later on Brad and Ronnie were enjoying a romantic dinner in bed and then watching a movie snuggled together.

Saturday, March 12, 2011

Chapter 10

Ronnie was brought home from the hospital and Brad made sure she was comfy in their bed. Ronnie was giggling because Brad was making sure she had everything close by like her cell phone, the television remote and her book.

"Brad really stop fussing over me. I am fine and you need to chill" Ronnie said smiling.
"Sorry I just want to make sure you and the baby are resting like the doctor said you needed so that the baby will be healthy" Brad said finally sitting down next to Ronnie. Ronnie snuggled up next to Brad and he held her close. They started to watch a movie and halfway through the movie Ronnie fell asleep and Brad gently moved Ronnie so that she would be more comfortable. Brad got up and headed into the living room and pulled out his cell phone. Brad called his mom.

Brad's mom finally answered, "Hello darling. How are you?".
"Mom, I am ok. Its been kinda crazy with my concussion and Ronnie's baby scare" Brad explained with a sigh.
"I know darling you and Ronnie are strong and will get through this tough time because you love each other" Brad's mom said.
"I hope you are right mom because sometimes life throws you things that you wonder if you can get through it. I am scared and feel like I am not strong enough for Ronnie now since I am hurt too. Its not fair".
"Bradley Glenn Richards, listen to me, I am your mother and I know you well and you are strong enough for both you and Ronnie and you two will make it. I know you honey and I know this is a tough time but just take everything slow and everything will work out".
"Ok mom and thanks for just talking to me. I love you" Brad said smiling to himself.
"I love you too Brad" said Delite Richards.
"I will talk to you later on" Brad said and then they both hung up.

Brad sat on the couch for a few minutes thinking about what his mom said and knew she was right. He and Ronnie would make everything work out. They loved each other and were going to be parents before too long. Plus they had to start thinking about a wedding. Brad smiled at the thought of Ronnie walking down the aisle to him in her wedding dress. She is going to make a beautiful bride of course she was already beautiful especially now with the baby growing inside of her. He got up and headed back to the bedroom to see Ronnie was still sleeping. He turned off the rest of the lights and then snuggled next to Ronnie on the bed and went to sleep too.

The next morning Ronnie woke up first and saw Brad sprawled out on his side of the bed. He was out cold and she just laughed quietly to herself. She had felt him come to bed last night and it was nice having him hold her but of course he now ended up all over the place on his side. She got up and headed into the bathroom. When she came back out she heard her stomach growl so she walked into the kitchen to find something easy to make for breakfast. She got some cereal and milk and juice and sat down at the kitchen table and ate. Before she realized it she had eaten three bowls of cereal and said to herself, "Damn, kiddo you were starving huh?" Ronnie laughed and was about to get up when she saw Brad walk in and looking very disheveled. His short hair was sticking up and of course he was shirtless so that made Ronnie smile to herself. His pajama pants looked very wrinkled but he looked amazing to Ronnie.

"Don't you dare move another muscle, baby. You should have woken me up if you were hungry because you are not suppose to do anything except take care of yourself and our baby" Brad said shaking his finger at her like she was a child in trouble.
"Dude you were out cold and you need rest too so you can be healthy and play hockey again soon. So don't scold me like a bad child. I did nothing to hurt me or our baby. Got it" Ronnie said sternly.
"Sorry baby, I just want to make sure nothing else happens to you or the baby".
"I know you got scared and I did too and I will never do anything to lose our baby because he or she is very important to me and you. Plus I could never handle losing another baby in my life like I did before so you know I am being extremely careful".
"I know you are sweetheart. I love you so much Ronnie" Brad said pulling Ronnie close and kissing her. Ronnie enjoyed the kiss and the closeness of being in Brad's arms. Life was good and things would work out for the two of them.

Wednesday, March 9, 2011

Chapter 9

****Warning Adult Content****

The paramedics raced to the hospital as fast as they could go and Ronnie had past out on them as they rushed her into the emergency room. The paramedics talked to the doctors explaining what had happened to Ronnie and her unborn baby.

The doctor yelled out orders and nurses and other doctor's were checking on Ronnie and hooking her up to machines and doing everything to see what was going on with Ronnie's baby.

Brad showed up a few minutes later and ran in and walked up to the nurses station
"My fiancee was just brought in here and I wanted to know what's going on with her?"
"What is her name sir" the nurse asked.
"Veronica Nieuwendyk"
"I will have to check and get back to you. You can have a seat and I will come and find you when I know something sir".
"Thank you" Brad said and went to sit down in the waiting area. He put a hand through his hair and then sat back and closed his eyes and prayed for Ronnie and their unborn baby.

Back in the emergency room the doctors worked hard to make sure Ronnie's baby would survive this traumatic situation.

Ronnie was dreaming about the time when she was sure she and Brad conceive their baby.


Ronnie was enjoying herself at a Dallas Stars party. Her dad Joe was throwing the party and all the guys were there with their families. Ronnie and Brad had been dating for a while and they were very happy.

Brad was talking with some of his teammates and then looked over to find Ronnie talking with some of the other wives. He excused himself from his friends and walked over to Ronnie.

He surprised her by coming up behind her and hugging her, "Hey beautiful" he whispered into her ear and then gave her a quick kiss on her neck.
Ronnie jumped and then turned around to see Brad holding her, "Hey handsome, you surprised me".
"Sorry baby" Brad said and giving her a quick kiss on the lips and then grabbing her hand and pulling her away. They walked over to the side yard where no one was around. Then Brad pulled Ronnie to him and kissed her deeply and then he pressed his forehead to hers, "So are you having fun?" asked Brad.
"Of course I am. This is fun and now I feel even more connected to the team because I am with you" Ronnie said smiling at Brad.
"I am happy that you are happy" Brad exclaimed and hugged Ronnie close.
Ronnie bit her lip and looked over at the party and then back at Brad, "Hey come with me inside and I wanna show you something" Ronnie smirked and Brad looked confused but followed Ronnie inside the Nieuwendyk home. She held his hand and they ran upstairs until they stopped at a door. Ronnie turned to look at Brad and then turned the knob of the door.

Brad remember being in this room many times just hanging out with Ronnie when they were youngsters and then he also remember a special time when Ronnie had given him something more precious. He was thinking about that night when they had been young and Ronnie turned to look at him and had tried to get his attention.

"Brad, hey Brad, whatcha thinking?" Ronnie said and then Brad turned to her, "Sorry baby I was just thinking about ya know that night".
"Oh gosh Brad" Ronnie said turning red with embarrassment but then smirked and then sat on the bed.
"Show me again" Ronnie said suggestively as she kicked off her shoes and took off her shirt, showing Brad he very sexy pink bra.

Brad quickly took of his shoes, socks and shirt and ran over to the bed and pounced on Ronnie. She giggled as he kissed her senseless and on her sensitive spot on her neck. Hands were roaming each others bodies and the rest of their clothes were discarded quickly.

Brad and Ronnie kissed and touched each other and then Brad made love to Ronnie gently.

Afterwords they lay together and Ronnie said, "Brad this time was even more magical than last time you made love to me even though last time was my first time ever and I will never regret giving you my virginity. You are the most wonderful man ever. I love you so much".
"Oh Ronnie, You are amazing woman and I love you more than anything in the world" Brad answered back.

They kissed and then decided to go back and join the party again.

Little did they know but a month and a half later and Ronnie would find out that she and Brad had conceived a miracle that would make them parents.

******End of Flashback******

The doctors finally figured out what had happened and were able to save Ronnie and Brad's baby. Ronnie was finally put in a room where she was going to stay overnight for observation.

The nurse finally found Brad, who had fallen asleep, so she gently shook his shoulder to wake him up.

Brad woke up and looked at the nurse and asked, "What's going on with my fiancee?"
"She is in room 2191 up on the maternity ward if you want to see her" the nurse said and Brad thanked her and walked to the elevators to see Ronnie.

Ronnie was watching the baby monitor and she put her hand on her abdomen and was talking to her baby when Brad walked into her room.

"Ronnie, sweetie what's going on with our baby?" he asked as he sat down next to Ronnie on her hospital bed.
"The baby is going to be ok but I have to be here overnight for observation" Ronnie said taking Brad's hand and putting it on her abdomen and Brad smiled at Ronnie and then kissed her.
Brad pulled back and then looked at Ronnie, "Why did this happened? I mean why when you were so careful did you start bleeding and you had those awful pains in your abdomen. I just do not understand".
"The doctors think I was stressed out and working too much or exercising too much too so I am told that I almost miscarried but the baby is fine. I am going to be put on bed rest until the baby is born" Ronnie explained.
"I promise you I will make sure you do not lift a finger for anything but I am going to have to kiss you senseless whenever I want too" Brad said kissing Ronnie again.
"I love you too and you better kiss me senseless whenever you wish" Ronnie joked and leaned in for another kiss from Brad.

Monday, March 7, 2011

Chapter 8

Ronnie was taking it easy for a little while because of what happened to Brad. Brad was not playing right now so that he could heal from his concussion. Ronnie was taking time off from work so she could be there for Brad and her dad was totally understanding because he also knew she needed some time because of the baby too.

Brad and Ronnie chilled out on the couch watching a movie one evening instead of watching the game because it annoyed Brad he could not be there for his team. Ronnie moved slightly to get more comfortable against Brad's chest.

"Ronnie you ok" Brad asked letting his hand gently caress Ronnie's side where her t-shirt had scrunched up to expose her soft skin. He could not help but touch her.
"Hmmmmmmm" Ronnie sighed and snuggling closer to Brad.
Brad just kissed the top of Ronnie's head and he heard her make a contented sound so that answered his question that she was fine.
Ronnie was enjoying the feeling of Brad's hand on her skin felt so reassuring and loving that if she were a cat she would seriously be purring.

The movie was finally over and Brad looked down at Ronnie and realized she had fallen asleep and she was laying partially on him. He was comfortable too so he closed his eyes and went to sleep.

The next morning Ronnie woke up to feeling nauseated so she got up to deal with morning sickness. After she threw up she started feeling weird and a pain in her abdomen and then she noticed blood coming down her leg.

"Oh my god, no! Brad...Brad....Help me" Ronnie cried and held her abdomen and sat on the floor of the bathroom.

Brad jumped when he heard Ronnie calling his name and she sounded scared and that was not a good sign. He ran into the bathroom and saw Ronnie holding her stomach and crying.

"Baby what's wrong?" Brad said quickly going to her side and pulling her close.
"The baby....Oh baby..." Ronnie stuttered and sobbed into Brad's chest as he held her close.

Brad kissed her on the top of her head, "I need to get my phone and call for an ambulance now. Stay still, I will be right back" Brad said getting up quickly and running to get his phone and calling 911.

Brad held Ronnie until the paramedics showed up and took Ronnie to the hospital to try and help save her baby.

Brad followed in his car to the hospital and prayed for Ronnie and their unborn child. Both of them could not deal with the lose of a baby. Their child had to survive because this baby had been a miracle they had conceived from their love.

Sunday, March 6, 2011

Chapter 7

Brad was playing and of course Ronnie was at all the home games cheering on her guy. She enjoyed watching game in her dad's box with her dad.

The game tonight was very fast paced and Ronnie was keeping her eyes on Brad and making sure he was not hurt because the other team seem to be really into doing a lot of hitting. At one point Brad was just standing on the ice waiting to see what his teammates were doing with the puck when out of no where someone from the other team hit him. Brad felt a little off and headed back to the bench and talked to the trainer and they headed back to the dressing room.

"I just feel off" Brad told the trainer and then he went to find the team doctor.

They checked out Brad and realized that Brad had a possible concussion and so he would need more tests. Brad agreed with the team doctor and the next day Brad would be checked more thoroughly.

When Ronnie saw Brad being hit and then he was gone from the bench, it freaked her out. She quickly left out of the box and headed down to the locker room. When she got down there the trainer saw her.

"Hey the team doctor is checking out Brad so if you give them a moment I am sure the doctor will let you see him soon" the trainer said to Ronnie.
"OK thank you" Ronnie said finding a seat on one of the couches in the lobby area of the dressing rooms.
A few minutes later the trainer came out and motioned for Ronnie to go back and see Brad.
Ronnie found Brad sitting on a table in the back and he saw Ronnie and smiled.

"What happened?" Ronnie asked walking to Brad. Brad took Ronnie's hands and pulled her close.
"I might have a concussion but I will find out more tomorrow when I get more tests to see what's going on. I am sure I will be fine but right now I can not play for a little while" Brad said to hopefully to soothe Ronnie's concerns.
"I hope you will be ok but I am so scared for you" Ronnie said biting her lip which made Brad realize she was stressing and that was not an option for her because of the baby.
"Ronnie, I do not what you to stress out because this miracle growing inside of you must be healthy too. Do you hear me baby?" Brad said sternly looking down at Ronnie. He took two fingers and tilted her chin up so that she had to look in his eyes. Brad saw tears in her eyes and she looked really scared. He leaned down and kissed her gently and then pulled back, "I know you are scared Ronnie but everything will be fine. I promise".
Ronnie nodded but then started crying and Brad hugged her tightly to his chest.

"Brad..." Ronnie started, "I am scared and its because the last time I was pregnant with Sean's baby, he got hurt and then he made me feel it was my fault for his situation. And when we got home he slapped me around and then pushed me and I fell and hit my abdomen and lost that baby. I...I wanted my baby even though it was Sean's but it broke my heart to lose it so I just do not want anything to happen to this baby. I know you will not hurt me but I still am very scared" Ronnie finally explained.

Brad knew that Ronnie's past relationship had been hard on her because of all the physical abuse and the sexual assaults that Sean and put her through. She was a lot stronger now that she had left the situation and had a new life in Dallas with him. Brad held Ronnie close and swore to himself that he would make sure that Ronnie and their baby were safe and loved always.

"Ronnie, remember this always, I love you with all my heart and soul. You and this baby are always going to be safe and protected by me. Do you understand this?" Brad said as he held Ronnie close.
"I do know that you will take care of me and our baby because you love us just as I love you too" Ronnie said snuggling into Brad's chest.

Wednesday, March 2, 2011

Chapter 6

*** Warning Adult Content***

One evening Ronnie was having one of her pregnancy cravings. She asked Brad to go to the grocery store and buy the makings for ice cream sundaes. She had told him get lots of chocolate sauce and whipped cream. So while Brad was at the store Ronnie was chilling on the couch watching the Avalanche versus Coyotes game.

Brad finally got home with all the sundae makings and Ronnie got up from the couch and helped Brad take the stuff out of the bags and literally started making a sundae for herself instantly.

"Someone is hungry" Brad joked as he watched Ronnie making her sundae.
She glared at him and then picked up the chocolate sauce bottle and aimed it at Brad and squirted chocolate sauce on his shirt. Brad looked at Ronnie and then took off his shirt and then grabbed the whipped cream can and started spraying Ronnie with whipped cream. Ronnie and Brad continued with their sundae battle and before they knew it they were both covered in chocolate and whipped cream. It was all over the kitchen and both of their food weapons were empty.

Ronnie finally sat down on the kitchen floor in all the mess and Brad joined her.

"I can not believe we just did that" Ronnie exclaimed looking at the mess.
Brad laughed, "Yeah but it was fun".
"Yeah but I really wanted a sundae" Ronnie sighed but then she looked at Brad and realized he was shirtless and moved to sit on Brad's lap. Brad looked at Ronnie as she climbed onto his lap and then moved her finger over his chest and the licked the chocolate off of him. Brad smirked as Ronnie continued to move her fingers all over his chest and lick off the chocolate. Brad leaned in and started to suck on Ronnie's neck which and whipped cream on it. They were giggling and licking whipped cream and chocolate off of each other.

Then Brad took his finger and lifted Ronnie's chin up to look at her, "I think we need a shower because I feel really sticky".
"I agree" Ronnie said and got up and then Brad got off the floor and they headed into the master bathroom and striped off their chocolate covered clothes and Brad turned on the shower. They both walked into the shower and Ronnie stepped quickly into the warm water spraying down. Brad moved closer to Ronnie to get under the water too. Brad the perfect gentleman helped Ronnie get clean and Ronnie helped Brad too.

After they were clean Brad leaned down and kissed Ronnie as the water continued to spray. It felt so amazing and Ronnie slid her hands up Brad's chest and then put them around his neck. He pulled her closer and then lifted her legs around his waist and could not help himself and slid into her. Ronnie gasped at Brad's intrusion but it was momentarily because he then continued his movements and it felt amazing. Brad moved in and out of Ronnie and knew he surprised her by making love to her but he could not help himself because she was in front of him naked and pregnant and that made him hot for her. Ronnie started nibbling on Brad's earlobe and that was driving Brad even more insane and before she knew it he was making her scream his name as her orgasm hit her from top of her head to the tip of her toes. She squeezed him and he lost it too and felt himself orgasm too and then spill his seed into her womb. Brad and Ronnie held each other and calmed down from their loving making high.

Brad moved out of Ronnie and helped her to her feet. The shower water was getting cold and Ronnie shivered and Brad quickly turned off the water and then he held her hand as they got out of the shower. He quickly got a towel for Ronnie and helped dry her off and then he got his own towel and dried off too.

They both went into the bedroom and got dressed in their pajamas and then got into bed. They were laying together and Ronnie looked up at Brad, "You know we have a huge mess in the kitchen to clean up".
"Yeah I know but I am too tired to think about it now" Brad joked.
"I am exhausted now for some reason" Ronnie laughed and Brad smirked.
"I wonder why" he said smiling.
"I have no idea" she said smiling back and then giving Brad a goodnight kiss.
"Goodnight baby, I love you" Brad said as he pulled Ronnie closer in his arms.
"Goodnight darling, Love you more. Thank you for my sundae" Ronnie said and kissed Brad again and snuggled close to Brad's strong body.
"You are welcome" Brad said kissing Ronnie's temple as he held her for the night.