Saturday, January 22, 2011

Chapter 3

****Warning Adult Content****

The following evening Ronnie was sitting in bed working on her laptop surfing the internet information about miscarriages and woman's health. She was still worried that something might happen to this precious miracle growing inside of her that she and Brad had created. Ronnie tired to forget what had happened to her when Sean had pushed her violently and made her lose her first baby. That part of her life was over now and she was with Brad who was the perfect guy. He was caring, sweet and loved her to death. Brad would never hurt her or their baby ever but Ronnie was still scared that she might lose this baby. Her thoughts were distracted when she saw Brad come into the room in just a pair of jeans. He smiled and came over and sat down next to her.

"What are you looking at?" Brad asked as Ronnie tired to shut her laptop but Brad kept it opened and saw what she was reading, "Do you think you are going to lose our baby, Ronnie?"
Ronnie bit her lip and looked Brad in the eye and nodded. Brad pulled her close and whispered, "I am not him. I swear and I will do everything in my power to protect you and our baby".
Ronnie smiled and then kissed Brad who leaned Ronnie down on the bed. Then Brad pulled back and helped Ronnie out of her clothes and then shed his own.

Brad pulled Ronnie so that her back was to his chest and he nibbled on her ear lobe and she giggled because that felt amazing. She accidentally kicked the laptop and it fell on the floor with a loud 'bang' and they both laughed hard. Then Brad got serious again as he slid his hand down Ronnie's abdomen and then to her most sensitive spot and caressed her clitoris. She was going crazy with the feelings Brad was giving her body. She cried out, "Brad please I want you".
"Shhhh baby just relax and I will give you everything if you are patient" Brad smirked but knew he was losing his mind not being inside of Ronnie. He continued his ministrations of her body until he knew she was wet enough and then he entered her from behind slightly lifting her leg and they both lost it. He was trying something different because he did not want the weight of his body on top of Ronnie and also the new position was even more erotic for the both of them. Ronnie was surprised at how wonderful and safe she felt in Brad's arms. He slowed moved in and out of her and then he felt her body squeeze and he knew she was going to lose it soon. And sure enough she cried out his name several times, "Oh god yes Brad, Brad. Oh dear lord Brad yes yes yes". That was Brad's cue to continue and then he felt his own orgasm hit and he swore under his breath, "Oh good fuck yes" as he emptied his seed into Ronnie's womb.

They collapsed together and then Brad pulled out and lay on his back. Ronnie turned and then moved so that she was leaning on Brad's chest. She smiled down at him, "I do not have any clue how you make everything perfect but damn boy that was hot" Ronnie giggled. Brad put his arm around Ronnie's waist, "I just figured it was a position that would work and I would not be putting any pressure on you or the baby and yet we still could make love" Brad said smiling.
"You know how to rock my world Richards" Ronnie joked and kissed Brad.
"I am glad I can rock your world but I really just want to make your world perfect and wonderful" Brad said.

They feel asleep and woke up late the next morning. Ronnie woke up with the feeling of nausea and quickly got up and rushed into the bathroom. She threw up and then flushed the toilet and then got up and washed her face.

Brad had felt Ronnie get up and he laid on the bed for Ronnie to come back. She was taking a little bit longer to get back so Brad called out, "Hey sweetie are you ok?"
Ronnie opened the door and walked back to the bed and climbed in, "Yeah I am fine now that your child has woken me up".
"Hey so now its my child" Brad joked pulling Ronnie to him.
"Yes and its gonna be 'your child' until I stop having morning sickness because you got my pregnant" Ronnie joked back.
"But you were the one that wanted to 'hook up' all the time" Brad smirked.
"Excuse me you were always like, I have to get some before I leave on my road trips so I can remember you" Ronnie teased.
"Ok fine its my child. Now come here and kiss me again" Brad said sounding pitiful.
"Only if you tell my my favorite words" Ronnie said with her own smirk.
"I love you sweetheart" Brad said with a smile on his face and then Ronnie leaned down and gave him an amazing good morning kiss.