Sunday, April 17, 2011

Chapter 15

A few months later the hockey season was close to the end and the Dallas Stars had to win this last game to make it into the playoffs. Brad was ready to give his all for this last game against Minnesota. Even though the game was away Ronnie was flying with the team thanks to her dad. She was sitting next to Brad by the window and totally into her book and Brad was playing cards with a few of his teammates. The game was getting intense which usually happened but there was lots of interesting language too. At one point the new Dallas Star player, Alex Goligoski, whom they had gotten in an earlier trade, said, "Hey guys language, we have a lady on board".
Ronnie looked up and saw Alex smiling and she shook her head, "Alex, its sweet of you to be concerned for my ears but I have heard everything in the book. I am totally ignoring your card game so keep acting like I am not even here".
Alex nodded and went back to the game with his teammates.

Ronnie after a while made Brad get up so she could go and stretch her legs and talk to her dad. He let her pass and just for fun lightly smacked her butt. Ronnie turned to give Brad a look and he just shrugged his shoulders and she laughed and walked over to her dad.

Joe was in a conversation with the stars coach and when Ronnie came into his view he stopped, "Hey darling are you ok?"
"Yes dad I am fine I just wanted to talk to you for a moment if that was possible" Ronnie said.
"Of course I will always have time for you, sweetie" Joe said excusing himself from the coach and they went to some empty seats closer to the front of the plane.

Once they were settled Joe looked at his daughter, "What did you want to talk about?"
"I just want to thank you for letting me coming along on this trip with the team. I know its not custom for last minute guests to join the trip but I am very thankful" Ronnie explained.
"Darling, you are not a random last minute guest you are my daughter and I knew you needed to get away from Dallas for a little while plus I had a feeling that Brad might feel better that you were in his sights after the Sean thing at the condo" Joe explained looking back at Brad who happen to be looking at Joe and Ronnie with concern. Ronnie looked over at Brad and smiled which made Brad smile back and then get back to his card game.
"I love you dad" Ronnie said and gave him a hug which of course Joe hugged his daughter back tightly.
"I love you too darling Ronnie. You know your mother would be so proud of you if she saw you now and all that you have accomplished".
"I hope so dad. I am sorry she could not handle our life but I am happy because you were the best parent ever. I know I am stronger and happier because of all you did for me as well as grandma and granddad" Ronnie said smiling.
"You better not forget this little guys dad too he is a wonderful person too" Joe said patting Ronnie's starting to show baby bump.
"Of course this little guys dad is wonderful and I really do not know how I would have survived without him too" Ronnie giggled.
Just at that moment Joe's cell phone went off and he looked down at it, "Sorry sweetie but I have to take this call. Is there anything else?" he asked.
"No take your call that was all. Thanks again dad" Ronnie said getting up and heading back to her seat next to Brad.

She sat down as Brad said, "Hey is everything ok?"
"Yeah" Ronnie said putting her hand on his thigh.
Brad smiled and kissed her cheek and then went back to his game and Ronnie got back into her book.

Finally they landed in Minnesota for the last regular season game. The Stars did not play their best and ended up losing to the Wild. They were out of the playoffs which sucked.

The locker room was quiet and everyone just listened as their coach told them they had done well yeah it was hard to lose but they would always have next season to try again for the Stanley Cup.

The plane ride back to Dallas was very quiet and most everyone was asleep including Ronnie. She was out cold just like Brad who was holding her.

When Ronnie and Brad got to the airport and said their goodnights to her dad and his teammates they got into the car and headed home. They drove in silence and Ronnie looked at Brad and could tell he was sad about not making the playoffs. She knew he had a tough season and his contract was up this summer, so he did not know where he would end up playing next season. That thought made Ronnie realize that she would be moving too because where ever Brad was she was right next to him through the good and bad. Another thought ran through Ronnie's brain she realized that she and Brad should get married over the summer.

"Hey Brad" Ronnie said to get Brad attention because he was trying to stay awake and drive them home safely.
"Yes" he said quietly.
"I have made a big decision" she said which made Brad look at her.
"What is that?" he asked.
"Let's get married here in Dallas before your contract is up. We can do it. I know my dad will help out and has lots of contacts so it will not be that stressful. Plus it will put that gorgeous smile on your face that I love so much" Ronnie said giving Brad her brightest smile.
"I love that idea Ronnie. Let's do it" Brad said.
"Yay" Ronnie cheered and Brad laughed.

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