Friday, May 20, 2011

Chapter 16

Ronnie and Brad were all into planning the wedding. They were tasting cake samples and checking out photographers that would work the best for them.

Ronnie was dress shopping with her father and her best friend, Mia Crosby-Letang. Ronnie wanted her dress to be a surprise to Brad.

Ronnie walked out in a beautiful princess dress and both her father and Mia just gasped at how perfect the dress looked on her. Ronnie stepped in front of the mirrors and twirled around and then looked at her dad.

"Oh my word, sweetie you looked beautiful" Joe said walking over to his daughter.
"Really dad" Ronnie said surprised.
"Yes Ronnie, you look just like your mom when I married her" Joe exclaimed.
"Thanks dad" Ronnie said smiling at her dad. Then Mia got up and walked over and exclaimed, "Wow girl you look gorgeous and Brad is going to lose his mind when he sees you in this dress!"
"Mia, you are funny" Ronnie giggled which made Mia laugh too.

After all the laughing Ronnie realized this was her dress and her dad bought it and they had it altered to fit Ronnie perfectly.

As they all left the store, Joe had to head back to work and so the girls went to have lunch. They were seated and Ronnie looking at Mia, "So Mia, how is your hottie defenseman hubby doing?"
Mia blushed and giggled and then said, "Kris is fine and actually hanging out with Nathan doing father and son things".
"Awwww that is so cute they are doing that. I wonder what kind of dad, Brad will be when our kiddo is born?" Ronnie thought.
"Yeah I had the same thoughts about Kris when I had Nathan and Kris is the best dad ever and he is excited about number two also" Mia said patting her pregnant abdomen.
"Yeah its awesome we are both pregnant at the same time" Ronnie said.
The girls continued to talk about marriage and babies until they both had to get home.

Ronnie got back to her and Brad's place and could not believe the mess that Brad had made. She put down her stuff and got to work in cleaning the condo. She was cleaning when Brad walked in and saw Ronnie cleaning, "Stop Now!" Brad exclaimed and that surprised Ronnie who dropped the stack of magazines she was holding onto her toes.

"Owww, my toes" Ronnie shouted and sat down and rubbed her foot.
"Ronnie, I am so sorry and did not mean to scared you. Is your foot ok?" Brad asked and sat down next to Ronnie.
"Yeah its fine but I am mad at you!" Ronnie said sounding frustrated.
"Why what did I do?" Brad asked sounding confused.
"You left the place a mess and so I had to clean it up".
"Sorry Ronnie, I rushed out to see some of the guys for lunch and was going to try and get back before you did and clean up but obviously that did not happen. I am so so sorry baby. I will finish and you can rest and I will even make dinner so you do not have to tonight" Brad said and kissed Ronnie and she let Brad finish cleaning the condo and just relaxed the rest of the evening.

Just as Brad had promised he ordered out dinner and they talked about more wedding plans and possible honeymoon ideas. It was lots of fun for the two of them.

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  1. i can't wait to read the wedding part and the princess dress is perfect for Ronnie.

    Bad Brad for leaving the house dirty. I can't wait for another update :D