Saturday, June 11, 2011

Chapter 19

Ronnie and her friends were staying a very nice hotel near the arena. It was just easy to be close with the fact that she was pregnant and because she was the bride. They had fun up in the suite they had gotten for the night. They watched some chick flicks, played silly games and just had fun gossiping.

Meanwhile the guys were out at a local bar where the players were known. Brad's friends had rented the VIP area for the night. They were drinking and acting like they did when they won a game. They had lots of fun and enjoying the bachelor party. Brad was texting Ronnie and when Loui saw that he tried to get Brad's phone away from him.

"Dude, you are not supposed to be communicating with her on your last night as a single man" Loui said.
"I can do whatever I want. Ronnie is pregnant and I want to make sure she is ok after all the things she has been through so leave my phone alone" Brad insisted.
"Fine but you gotta have some more shots now" Loui said pulling Brad back over to the VIP bar and ordering some shots for Brad to chug down.

Back at the hotel, the girls had finally gone to bed and were all sleeping. They had decided on a semi early night so Ronnie could get plenty of beauty sleep for her big day.

Around 1am the guys had all headed back to their hotel to get some sleep for the wedding day. Brad was in his room finally climbing into the bed but before he went to sleep he sent Ronnie another quick text. He was not expecting an answer but when it beeped back instantly he smiled. Ronnie had just happened to hear her phone and text back, 'Gnite luv u'. That made Brad smile and he feel asleep quickly of course all the alcohol had helped too.

The next morning the guys were all cranky because they all had hangovers. But luckily the wedding was not until 2pm so they had time to recover. They were all at the hotel restaurant eating breakfast. None of them looked happy or ready for a wedding. Brad had just grabbed some random clothes for breakfast so he would not get arrested for public nudity at the restaurant. He looked a hot mess and his friends made sure he knew it.

"Wow Brad you look horrible" Brenden said as he drank some coffee.
"Yeah did you forget that you were getting married today. You look like shit man" Loui said as he ate.
"Thanks guys you are such great friends. Then again all those shots and drinks did not help this morning either" Brad replied as he got his coffee mug refilled.
"If I were Ronnie and I saw you this morning I would rethink about marrying you" Loui joked more.
"Well you two do not look much better than me so I am not sure how you two got your women either" Brad retorted back.
"Touche" Brenden said and raised his coffee mug in salute to Brad.

The girls were slowly waking up too. They had decided to order room service so they were looking over the menu and talking to the room service operator. Then they were just taking turns using the two bathrooms getting partially ready for the morning.

Ronnie decided to go and chill on the balcony of the suite after she had gotten somewhat ready. She took her phone and call Brad and see how his night had been.
His phone rang a couple of times and then she heard his familiar voice.

"Good morning sweetie"
"Morning how are you?"
"Tired and hungover" he said.
"Seriously? On our wedding day you are hungover" she said slightly surprised.
"Hey Mia was saying you needed to rock and roll so I did too" Brad joked even though his head hurt a little bit but he had taken something to help the headache.
"True she did say that. How bad do you feel?" Ronnie asked.
"Well not to bad because I ate something had some coffee and some Tylenol".
"Good to hear but I hope you feel 100 percent when I walk down the aisle to you later on" Ronnie said smiling.
"I will do not worry. Oh how is baby star doing?" Brad asked.
"Baby star is doing just fine and seems to be having his or her own party" Ronnie laughed which made Brad laugh too.
"Great to hear that our child is excited about today too".
"Yeah it feels funny with it bouncing around in my abdomen. Well it looks like our breakfast is here from what I can tell so I will see you at the arena at 2 o'clock to become Mrs Brad Richards" Ronnie said.
"Love you Ronnie" Brad said.
"Love you more Brad" Ronnie said and then they both hung up.

Ronnie headed back inside to enjoy breakfast with her friends and Brad headed to find his buddies and chill until it was time to officially get ready for the wedding.

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  1. love love the update...uh oh Brad being hung over. I can't wait for more. Beautiful update. wedding next I hope.