Sunday, February 20, 2011

Chapter 5

*** Warning Adult Content ***

The days were crazy because the second half of the season was now happening and the Stars were trying to stay in a playoff position. Brad was working hard like he did every season so that he could play his best. Ronnie was busy too luckily though being in the office she could take it easy for her baby's sake.

That evening the Stars were playing at home and so Brad met up with Ronnie for lunch and then they headed home to nap together. Brad slept well holding Ronnie close for his pregame nap. The alarm went off and Brad reached over and smack the clock.

"Ugh do we have to get up?" Ronnie said drowsily and trying to snuggle back against Brad.
"Yes so we can get to the arena on time" Brad joked as he tired to get up but Ronnie pulled him back closer to her. He leaned down and kissed Ronnie again and smiled but then moved away to get up.
"Don't go Bradley" Ronnie whined.
"Sorry baby but its time to get going" Brad said smirking at his beautiful girlfriend who was still snuggled in the blankets.
"Fine I am getting up but not happy about it" Ronnie said and slowly stretched and got up to get ready to head to the arena.

The game was intense and Ronnie was enjoying watching the game from the box with her father. Joe and Ronnie were really enjoying the game and just talking when all of a sudden Brad was knocked into the boards and was laying still on the ice.
Ronnie gasped and stood up to see what had happened to her man.

Joe stood up next to his daughter and put an arm around her shoulders and pulled her close. They watched as Brad's teammates walked over to him and the trainer started talking to him.

What seem to Ronnie a million years, Brad finally got up and skated over to the bench and then went back into the locker room with the trainer. Ronnie moved away from her dad and headed down to the locker room to find out what had happened to Brad. She was freaking out and knew she should not because of her baby but Brad was so important to her and she loved him more than anything.

When she got to the locker room the guard checked her pass and let her in and then she ran over to the training room and knocked on the door.

The door opened and the trainer let her in and she walked over to Brad who was sitting on the bench.

"Oh my god, Brad are you ok?" Ronnie asked looking extremely worried and scared.
Brad looked up at Ronnie pulled her into his arms and smiled, "I got the wind knocked out of me and I will be fine".
"Are you sure? I was so scared when I saw you on the ice and you were not moving" Ronnie started sobbing in Brad's chest.
Brad held her tightly and kissed her temple, "I will be fine and I would tell you if I wasn't, I swear. I promised you I would never lie to you. I love you baby".
Ronnie tilted her head up to look at Brad but did not move out of Brad's embrace, "I love you too and if you ever lie to me you are gonna wish you were hurt worse".
"Believe me I know Ronnie, I know" Brad said holding her tightly and kissing her deeply on the lips.

Finally the trainer came back into the room and Ronnie moved away from Brad and said, "Brad you ready to head back to the bench?"
"Yeah I am" he said getting off the bench and grabbed his helmet, gloves and stick.
All three of them headed out and then Brad stopped Ronnie for just a second and gave her another quick kiss before they headed their different directions.

Ronnie got back up to the box and saw that Brad was back on the ice and the fans were going crazy with cheers that he was back and slamming the guys from the other team into the boards.

The Stars beat the Coyotes 3 to 2. The last few minutes had been rough and the Stars fans were cheering their team on to win.

When Ronnie found Brad after he had showered and was looking snazzy in his suit.

"Damn boy you look gorgeous" Ronnie exclaimed as she looked her man up and down.
Brad twirled around for Ronnie and said, "Like what you see baby?"
"Oh god yes hot stuff" Ronnie said as Brad pulled her close and kissed her.

Ronnie giggled because then Brad nipped at her ear and then whispered something naughty in her ear.
"I need to take you home now" Ronnie said laughing still at Brad, who just smirked and held her hand as they walked to his car.

That night Brad made love to Ronnie gently and yet powerfully enough so that Ronnie felt an amazing orgasm from the tip of her head to her toes. Brad loved every part of her and kissed her all over. She cried out his name over and over and could not believe at how creative Brad was at making love to her. He knew exactly where to touch her and kiss her and her body was on fire and she finally felt another orgasm hit her again as he exploded his seed into her womb.

Brad collapsed on top of Ronnie and she held him close and then kissed Brad's cheek. Brad moved off of her and then looked at his gorgeous girlfriend and smiled at her.

"I love you" he said and kissed her again.
"I love you more" Ronnie said putting her hand on his chest over his heart.
"You know that's yours forever" Brad said referring to his heart.
"I know and mine is yours too" Ronnie said kissing Brad again.

Brad moved and leaned over Ronnie to open a drawer next to Ronnie and pulled something out.
Ronnie watched Brad with curiosity and confusion because he looked scared.

"What's going Brad?"
Brad leaned down and kissed Ronnie's abdomen and then placed a gorgeous ring on her abdomen too.
Ronnie looked at the ring and took it and put it on her left ring finger and smiled at Brad.
He moved up and looked down at Ronnie and she said, "Yes". Brad kissed her and said, "I love you too".

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  1. Poor Richards...I was worried he wasn't okay but glad he is doing better. The sex keeps getting powerful by the moment. i love it.

    omg! omg! I absolutely love you <3...eekk Brad asked Ronnie to marry him finally. yay!

    can't wait for more!