Wednesday, March 2, 2011

Chapter 6

*** Warning Adult Content***

One evening Ronnie was having one of her pregnancy cravings. She asked Brad to go to the grocery store and buy the makings for ice cream sundaes. She had told him get lots of chocolate sauce and whipped cream. So while Brad was at the store Ronnie was chilling on the couch watching the Avalanche versus Coyotes game.

Brad finally got home with all the sundae makings and Ronnie got up from the couch and helped Brad take the stuff out of the bags and literally started making a sundae for herself instantly.

"Someone is hungry" Brad joked as he watched Ronnie making her sundae.
She glared at him and then picked up the chocolate sauce bottle and aimed it at Brad and squirted chocolate sauce on his shirt. Brad looked at Ronnie and then took off his shirt and then grabbed the whipped cream can and started spraying Ronnie with whipped cream. Ronnie and Brad continued with their sundae battle and before they knew it they were both covered in chocolate and whipped cream. It was all over the kitchen and both of their food weapons were empty.

Ronnie finally sat down on the kitchen floor in all the mess and Brad joined her.

"I can not believe we just did that" Ronnie exclaimed looking at the mess.
Brad laughed, "Yeah but it was fun".
"Yeah but I really wanted a sundae" Ronnie sighed but then she looked at Brad and realized he was shirtless and moved to sit on Brad's lap. Brad looked at Ronnie as she climbed onto his lap and then moved her finger over his chest and the licked the chocolate off of him. Brad smirked as Ronnie continued to move her fingers all over his chest and lick off the chocolate. Brad leaned in and started to suck on Ronnie's neck which and whipped cream on it. They were giggling and licking whipped cream and chocolate off of each other.

Then Brad took his finger and lifted Ronnie's chin up to look at her, "I think we need a shower because I feel really sticky".
"I agree" Ronnie said and got up and then Brad got off the floor and they headed into the master bathroom and striped off their chocolate covered clothes and Brad turned on the shower. They both walked into the shower and Ronnie stepped quickly into the warm water spraying down. Brad moved closer to Ronnie to get under the water too. Brad the perfect gentleman helped Ronnie get clean and Ronnie helped Brad too.

After they were clean Brad leaned down and kissed Ronnie as the water continued to spray. It felt so amazing and Ronnie slid her hands up Brad's chest and then put them around his neck. He pulled her closer and then lifted her legs around his waist and could not help himself and slid into her. Ronnie gasped at Brad's intrusion but it was momentarily because he then continued his movements and it felt amazing. Brad moved in and out of Ronnie and knew he surprised her by making love to her but he could not help himself because she was in front of him naked and pregnant and that made him hot for her. Ronnie started nibbling on Brad's earlobe and that was driving Brad even more insane and before she knew it he was making her scream his name as her orgasm hit her from top of her head to the tip of her toes. She squeezed him and he lost it too and felt himself orgasm too and then spill his seed into her womb. Brad and Ronnie held each other and calmed down from their loving making high.

Brad moved out of Ronnie and helped her to her feet. The shower water was getting cold and Ronnie shivered and Brad quickly turned off the water and then he held her hand as they got out of the shower. He quickly got a towel for Ronnie and helped dry her off and then he got his own towel and dried off too.

They both went into the bedroom and got dressed in their pajamas and then got into bed. They were laying together and Ronnie looked up at Brad, "You know we have a huge mess in the kitchen to clean up".
"Yeah I know but I am too tired to think about it now" Brad joked.
"I am exhausted now for some reason" Ronnie laughed and Brad smirked.
"I wonder why" he said smiling.
"I have no idea" she said smiling back and then giving Brad a goodnight kiss.
"Goodnight baby, I love you" Brad said as he pulled Ronnie closer in his arms.
"Goodnight darling, Love you more. Thank you for my sundae" Ronnie said and kissed Brad again and snuggled close to Brad's strong body.
"You are welcome" Brad said kissing Ronnie's temple as he held her for the night.

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  1. haha hot hot hot love it. the best smoking chapter of the series. wow I need a glass of water after the chapter. Wow! This chapter is awesome and amazing. it also made me laugh. can't wait for more.