Friday, March 18, 2011

Chapter 11

Ronnie was chilling on the sofa in the condo watching tv. She was getting so bored being on bed rest because of her pregnancy but she knew it had to happen.

"Ugh this is insane but I know its for the best" Ronnie muttered to herself.
She was channel surfing because nothing was keeping her attention. She was seriously bored but she was not allowed to go anywhere unless Brad took her.

Ronnie finally decided to go and make some lunch. She figured that could not be too much for her. So she got up and headed into the kitchen. She found some easy stuff to make for lunch and ate. She then cleaned up and headed back into the bedroom to take a nap.

She was sleeping when Brad came home from working out. He was starting to feel somewhat better but was not allowed on the ice. So he was just working out in the gym with the trainers and the doctors were keeping a close tab on his progress.

Brad walked into the bedroom to see Ronnie sleeping. That made him feel better knowing she and the baby were fine. He took off his shoes and socks and got onto the bed and slid next to Ronnie. Brad ended up falling asleep too.

Ronnie turned in her sleep at one point and realized that Brad was holding her. She opened her eyes for just a moment and smiled seeing his sleeping face and then went back to sleep.

A few hours later Brad woke up and moved and that woke Ronnie up too.

"Hey" Brad said smiling at Ronnie.
"Hey you" Ronnie joked back.
"Sorry for waking you up".
"Its ok Brad, actually your child is playing soccer with my bladder for some reasons so I will be right back" Ronnie laughed and headed into the bathroom.

Brad waiting for Ronnie to come back out and when she did he patted the bed and she walked back over and sat down next to him.

Brad pulled her close and kissed her. They ended up in a serious make out session which was enjoyed by both until Ronnie's stomach started to growl.

Ronnie pulled back and giggled, "I think someone is hungry".
"I think someone trying to get your attention and not letting me enjoy some adult time with my gorgeous fiance" Brad countered back.
"Let's get some dinner because I am starving" Ronnie said.
"Fine but we are getting something delivered because you are staying put" Brad said sternly and Ronnie just shook her head.

Brad called their favorite Italian place and ordered for the both of them.

A little later on Brad and Ronnie were enjoying a romantic dinner in bed and then watching a movie snuggled together.

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  1. d'awww what a cute short chapter. I absolutely love it bestie. i can't wait for more.