Saturday, March 12, 2011

Chapter 10

Ronnie was brought home from the hospital and Brad made sure she was comfy in their bed. Ronnie was giggling because Brad was making sure she had everything close by like her cell phone, the television remote and her book.

"Brad really stop fussing over me. I am fine and you need to chill" Ronnie said smiling.
"Sorry I just want to make sure you and the baby are resting like the doctor said you needed so that the baby will be healthy" Brad said finally sitting down next to Ronnie. Ronnie snuggled up next to Brad and he held her close. They started to watch a movie and halfway through the movie Ronnie fell asleep and Brad gently moved Ronnie so that she would be more comfortable. Brad got up and headed into the living room and pulled out his cell phone. Brad called his mom.

Brad's mom finally answered, "Hello darling. How are you?".
"Mom, I am ok. Its been kinda crazy with my concussion and Ronnie's baby scare" Brad explained with a sigh.
"I know darling you and Ronnie are strong and will get through this tough time because you love each other" Brad's mom said.
"I hope you are right mom because sometimes life throws you things that you wonder if you can get through it. I am scared and feel like I am not strong enough for Ronnie now since I am hurt too. Its not fair".
"Bradley Glenn Richards, listen to me, I am your mother and I know you well and you are strong enough for both you and Ronnie and you two will make it. I know you honey and I know this is a tough time but just take everything slow and everything will work out".
"Ok mom and thanks for just talking to me. I love you" Brad said smiling to himself.
"I love you too Brad" said Delite Richards.
"I will talk to you later on" Brad said and then they both hung up.

Brad sat on the couch for a few minutes thinking about what his mom said and knew she was right. He and Ronnie would make everything work out. They loved each other and were going to be parents before too long. Plus they had to start thinking about a wedding. Brad smiled at the thought of Ronnie walking down the aisle to him in her wedding dress. She is going to make a beautiful bride of course she was already beautiful especially now with the baby growing inside of her. He got up and headed back to the bedroom to see Ronnie was still sleeping. He turned off the rest of the lights and then snuggled next to Ronnie on the bed and went to sleep too.

The next morning Ronnie woke up first and saw Brad sprawled out on his side of the bed. He was out cold and she just laughed quietly to herself. She had felt him come to bed last night and it was nice having him hold her but of course he now ended up all over the place on his side. She got up and headed into the bathroom. When she came back out she heard her stomach growl so she walked into the kitchen to find something easy to make for breakfast. She got some cereal and milk and juice and sat down at the kitchen table and ate. Before she realized it she had eaten three bowls of cereal and said to herself, "Damn, kiddo you were starving huh?" Ronnie laughed and was about to get up when she saw Brad walk in and looking very disheveled. His short hair was sticking up and of course he was shirtless so that made Ronnie smile to herself. His pajama pants looked very wrinkled but he looked amazing to Ronnie.

"Don't you dare move another muscle, baby. You should have woken me up if you were hungry because you are not suppose to do anything except take care of yourself and our baby" Brad said shaking his finger at her like she was a child in trouble.
"Dude you were out cold and you need rest too so you can be healthy and play hockey again soon. So don't scold me like a bad child. I did nothing to hurt me or our baby. Got it" Ronnie said sternly.
"Sorry baby, I just want to make sure nothing else happens to you or the baby".
"I know you got scared and I did too and I will never do anything to lose our baby because he or she is very important to me and you. Plus I could never handle losing another baby in my life like I did before so you know I am being extremely careful".
"I know you are sweetheart. I love you so much Ronnie" Brad said pulling Ronnie close and kissing her. Ronnie enjoyed the kiss and the closeness of being in Brad's arms. Life was good and things would work out for the two of them.

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  1. d'awwwwwwww Richards calling his mom at the beginning was so cute then him finding her in the kitchen with his short hair sticking out and shirtless. Yummy. i love it. they are so perfect. can't wait for more!