Sunday, March 6, 2011

Chapter 7

Brad was playing and of course Ronnie was at all the home games cheering on her guy. She enjoyed watching game in her dad's box with her dad.

The game tonight was very fast paced and Ronnie was keeping her eyes on Brad and making sure he was not hurt because the other team seem to be really into doing a lot of hitting. At one point Brad was just standing on the ice waiting to see what his teammates were doing with the puck when out of no where someone from the other team hit him. Brad felt a little off and headed back to the bench and talked to the trainer and they headed back to the dressing room.

"I just feel off" Brad told the trainer and then he went to find the team doctor.

They checked out Brad and realized that Brad had a possible concussion and so he would need more tests. Brad agreed with the team doctor and the next day Brad would be checked more thoroughly.

When Ronnie saw Brad being hit and then he was gone from the bench, it freaked her out. She quickly left out of the box and headed down to the locker room. When she got down there the trainer saw her.

"Hey the team doctor is checking out Brad so if you give them a moment I am sure the doctor will let you see him soon" the trainer said to Ronnie.
"OK thank you" Ronnie said finding a seat on one of the couches in the lobby area of the dressing rooms.
A few minutes later the trainer came out and motioned for Ronnie to go back and see Brad.
Ronnie found Brad sitting on a table in the back and he saw Ronnie and smiled.

"What happened?" Ronnie asked walking to Brad. Brad took Ronnie's hands and pulled her close.
"I might have a concussion but I will find out more tomorrow when I get more tests to see what's going on. I am sure I will be fine but right now I can not play for a little while" Brad said to hopefully to soothe Ronnie's concerns.
"I hope you will be ok but I am so scared for you" Ronnie said biting her lip which made Brad realize she was stressing and that was not an option for her because of the baby.
"Ronnie, I do not what you to stress out because this miracle growing inside of you must be healthy too. Do you hear me baby?" Brad said sternly looking down at Ronnie. He took two fingers and tilted her chin up so that she had to look in his eyes. Brad saw tears in her eyes and she looked really scared. He leaned down and kissed her gently and then pulled back, "I know you are scared Ronnie but everything will be fine. I promise".
Ronnie nodded but then started crying and Brad hugged her tightly to his chest.

"Brad..." Ronnie started, "I am scared and its because the last time I was pregnant with Sean's baby, he got hurt and then he made me feel it was my fault for his situation. And when we got home he slapped me around and then pushed me and I fell and hit my abdomen and lost that baby. I...I wanted my baby even though it was Sean's but it broke my heart to lose it so I just do not want anything to happen to this baby. I know you will not hurt me but I still am very scared" Ronnie finally explained.

Brad knew that Ronnie's past relationship had been hard on her because of all the physical abuse and the sexual assaults that Sean and put her through. She was a lot stronger now that she had left the situation and had a new life in Dallas with him. Brad held Ronnie close and swore to himself that he would make sure that Ronnie and their baby were safe and loved always.

"Ronnie, remember this always, I love you with all my heart and soul. You and this baby are always going to be safe and protected by me. Do you understand this?" Brad said as he held Ronnie close.
"I do know that you will take care of me and our baby because you love us just as I love you too" Ronnie said snuggling into Brad's chest.

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  1. Brad protecting Ronnie every day makes me love him every single day. They are so damn perfect for one another. I can't wait for more.

    Poor Ronnie going through the shit she had to go through with Sean. I hope Brad is okay.

    Pretty please update soon