Monday, March 21, 2011

Chapter 12

Brad was slowly starting to feel better and the team doctors finally said he could just skate alone on the ice. He skated and things still seemed a little off but he was determined to get better before the end of the season.

Brad was working out in the team gym one day with several of his teammates. Brenden Morrow decided to jump around and pretend to dance to the random song that was playing on the sound system to get some laughs out of his teammates. Brad just shook his head and laughed. It felt good to laugh not that he had been sad lately it had just been stressful with his injury and Ronnie almost losing the baby.

"I am just so cool with my awesome dancing" Brenden said as he continued to act like a fool.
"Oh my word, Brenden you are crazy" Brad joked still laughing.
"I am and I don't care" Brenden laughed too and finally stopped and sat down to catch his breath.
"I can tell you do not care" Brad said shaking his head and then went to get on a stationary bike to work out his legs.
"Hey Brad, how are you? I know you and Ronnie have been kinda going through a lot of stuff" Brenden asked.
"We are doing ok. Ronnie is on bed rest and its driving her insane but she is a great sport" Brad said.
"Glad to hear she is going to be ok and now we just need you to get healthy because boy we miss you on the ice man" Brenden stated.
"I know and hopefully before too long" Brad said hopefully.

Meanwhile back at the condo, Ronnie was chilling in the living room reading a baby name book that Brad had given her. She had all sorts of baby books to read and was learning a lot of stuff and some things that she was not sure she wanted to know.

Ronnie was waiting for Brad to come home just because she was bored out of her mind and wanted his company. Her dad and come by earlier and brought lunch and they ate on the balcony of the condo. She enjoyed her time with her dad. They had fun talking about the team and the baby.

Just as Ronnie was about to call Brad she heard the door and wanted to bad to jump up and run into his arms she restrained herself.

"Hey hottie" Ronnie called from the bedroom where she was chilling.
"Hey sexy" Brad answered back and then came and sat down next to her and kissing her.
Ronnie enjoyed the kiss and then Brad pulled back, "What's been going on sweetie?"
"Dad came over for lunch and we ate on the balcony and it was nice. The weather is great today" Ronnie said.
"Sounds busy and I hope you relaxed" Brad said sternly and looking at Ronnie.
"Dude, of course I chilled" Ronnie said smiling.
"Good because I love both of you" Brad said and then put his hand on Ronnie's abdomen.
"We love you too Brad. Now I am bored so entertain me please" Ronnie asked with her adorable smile that Brad could not resist.

He leaned down and kissed her and then he talked to her about what he had done that day at the arena.

They hung out and finally Ronnie convinced Brad to take her out of the house for a short walk in their complex. It did Ronnie wonders just being outside and Brad kept asking her if she was ok and she kept reassuring she was fine.

They got home and Ronnie was tired so she decided to take a nap before dinner and Brad stayed in the living room and watched some tv.

After a while Brad ordered dinner and then got the table ready for a romantic dinner for two. When the food got there he set everything up and then went to check on Ronnie but she was not in bed. He heard her in the bathroom and knocked on the door.

"Hey gorgeous are you ok?" Brad asked.
Ronnie opened the door, "Hey I am fine just your child making me nauseous" Ronnie joked and put her hand on his chest.
"Ok just making sure because I have dinner ready".
"You are my hero because I am starving".
"Great shall we go?" Brad asked and Ronnie took his hand and they headed into the kitchen and Ronnie smiled when she saw how Brad and taken the time to set setting for a romantic evening they both enjoyed.

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  1. haha are such a freaking dork and him caring about both Brad and Ronnie...that's how I imagine him.

    aww Brad and Ronnie are so adorable. let's hope that Brad will be able to skate more.

    keep me updated please