Monday, March 28, 2011

Chapter 13

Several weeks later and Brad was back to playing again. He was enjoying playing again and being with his teammates and going on road trips. He missed Ronnie a lot when he was gone but they talked on the phone a lot.

Ronnie was having to rely on her dad to get her to appointments and other things when Brad was gone. She missed Brad a lot but was super happy he was playing again.

One weekend Ronnie was resting in the bedroom watching tv when she started feeling weird. She got up from the bed and then her world went black.

A few hours later Ronnie woke up in a hospital room with her dad talking to the doctor. She was wondering what happened.

"Hey what's going on?" Ronnie asked and then the doctor and her dad turned around to look at her.
"Sweetie, you are awake. How are you feeling?" Joe, Ronnie's dad, asked.
"I feel fine but the last thing I remember I was in my room and I got up to go to the bathroom and then I wake up and I am here. What's going on and what about my baby?" Ronnie asked freaking out.
"Ronnie, you fainted and your sugar level was low. Have you been eating like you should be doing?" the doctor asked.
"Well I guess I thought I was eating well but maybe since Brad has been gone a lot and so I am not as good as I should be and I know that is wrong" Ronnie said feeling guilty.
"Ronnie, I have decided to keep you here overnight to make sure everything is fine with you and your baby" the doctor said and Ronnie nodded and then the doctor left Ronnie and her dad alone.

"Dad, I feel so bad as a mom. I know better after all I have been through and oh gosh Brad is gonna hate me for not taking care of me and the baby" Ronnie sobbed and Joe hugged his daughter.
"Its going to be ok and I do not think that Brad will hate you. He loves you" Joe said trying to reassure his daughter that everything would be ok.

Ronnie had her dad call Brad and tell him she was in the hospital. Brad freaked out and was able to get back to Dallas quickly.

When Brad got to the hospital he found Ronnie's room and when he walked in she was sleeping. He went over to sit down on her bed and just watch her sleep. He had been freaking out on the inside because he had no idea why Ronnie was in the hospital. When he got a cab he told the driver go as fast as possible but no accidents along the way. The driver laughed and got Brad to the hospital as fast as he could from the airport.

After a little while Brad ended up getting more comfortable next to Ronnie and fell asleep.

The nurse walked in and saw Brad and Ronnie asleep and laughed but then she went over to Brad and woke up Brad.

"Excuse me" the nurse said as she gently nudged Brad. He stirred and then moved to look at who had woken him.
Brad smiled, "Sorry I got here kinda late and she was sleeping and I did not want to wake her but I had to make sure my fiancee was going to be fine".
"Its fine but I need to check her stats".
"That's fine I will be right back anyway" Brad said and then left the nurse to do her job.

After a little bit the nurse was done and Brad went back into Ronnie's room. Ronnie was awake and she saw Brad and smiled, "Hey".
"Hey beautiful, how are you feeling?"
"Good and the doctors said I will be fine" Ronnie said.
"Why are you in the hospital?" Brad asked worriedly.
Ronnie shook her head and tried to turn away from Brad but he would not let her.
"Ronnie tell me now" Brad said sternly.
"I feel ashamed for why" Ronnie explained but finely gave in, "I was not eating correctly and I fainted".
"Ronnie how could not take care of yourself and our baby?" Brad said looking very upset.
Ronnie got upset and the tears started forming and then Brad felt bad and pulled Ronnie close, "I am sorry Ronnie, baby and I love you and I do not want anything to happen to you or the baby".
"I love you too and you know I would never do anything to hurt our baby" Ronnie apologized.
"Its ok baby, I love you and it will be ok" Brad kissed Ronnie deeply.

The rest of the evening Brad and Ronnie talked about the baby, possible names and nursery ideas and several other baby related things.

The doctor released Ronnie the next day and Brad took her home and they hung out together for the rest of the day snuggled together.

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  1. good to know that GM Joe is taking care of his daughter aww while Brad is gone. what a cute and amazing chapter. can't wait for more!