Wednesday, March 9, 2011

Chapter 9

****Warning Adult Content****

The paramedics raced to the hospital as fast as they could go and Ronnie had past out on them as they rushed her into the emergency room. The paramedics talked to the doctors explaining what had happened to Ronnie and her unborn baby.

The doctor yelled out orders and nurses and other doctor's were checking on Ronnie and hooking her up to machines and doing everything to see what was going on with Ronnie's baby.

Brad showed up a few minutes later and ran in and walked up to the nurses station
"My fiancee was just brought in here and I wanted to know what's going on with her?"
"What is her name sir" the nurse asked.
"Veronica Nieuwendyk"
"I will have to check and get back to you. You can have a seat and I will come and find you when I know something sir".
"Thank you" Brad said and went to sit down in the waiting area. He put a hand through his hair and then sat back and closed his eyes and prayed for Ronnie and their unborn baby.

Back in the emergency room the doctors worked hard to make sure Ronnie's baby would survive this traumatic situation.

Ronnie was dreaming about the time when she was sure she and Brad conceive their baby.


Ronnie was enjoying herself at a Dallas Stars party. Her dad Joe was throwing the party and all the guys were there with their families. Ronnie and Brad had been dating for a while and they were very happy.

Brad was talking with some of his teammates and then looked over to find Ronnie talking with some of the other wives. He excused himself from his friends and walked over to Ronnie.

He surprised her by coming up behind her and hugging her, "Hey beautiful" he whispered into her ear and then gave her a quick kiss on her neck.
Ronnie jumped and then turned around to see Brad holding her, "Hey handsome, you surprised me".
"Sorry baby" Brad said and giving her a quick kiss on the lips and then grabbing her hand and pulling her away. They walked over to the side yard where no one was around. Then Brad pulled Ronnie to him and kissed her deeply and then he pressed his forehead to hers, "So are you having fun?" asked Brad.
"Of course I am. This is fun and now I feel even more connected to the team because I am with you" Ronnie said smiling at Brad.
"I am happy that you are happy" Brad exclaimed and hugged Ronnie close.
Ronnie bit her lip and looked over at the party and then back at Brad, "Hey come with me inside and I wanna show you something" Ronnie smirked and Brad looked confused but followed Ronnie inside the Nieuwendyk home. She held his hand and they ran upstairs until they stopped at a door. Ronnie turned to look at Brad and then turned the knob of the door.

Brad remember being in this room many times just hanging out with Ronnie when they were youngsters and then he also remember a special time when Ronnie had given him something more precious. He was thinking about that night when they had been young and Ronnie turned to look at him and had tried to get his attention.

"Brad, hey Brad, whatcha thinking?" Ronnie said and then Brad turned to her, "Sorry baby I was just thinking about ya know that night".
"Oh gosh Brad" Ronnie said turning red with embarrassment but then smirked and then sat on the bed.
"Show me again" Ronnie said suggestively as she kicked off her shoes and took off her shirt, showing Brad he very sexy pink bra.

Brad quickly took of his shoes, socks and shirt and ran over to the bed and pounced on Ronnie. She giggled as he kissed her senseless and on her sensitive spot on her neck. Hands were roaming each others bodies and the rest of their clothes were discarded quickly.

Brad and Ronnie kissed and touched each other and then Brad made love to Ronnie gently.

Afterwords they lay together and Ronnie said, "Brad this time was even more magical than last time you made love to me even though last time was my first time ever and I will never regret giving you my virginity. You are the most wonderful man ever. I love you so much".
"Oh Ronnie, You are amazing woman and I love you more than anything in the world" Brad answered back.

They kissed and then decided to go back and join the party again.

Little did they know but a month and a half later and Ronnie would find out that she and Brad had conceived a miracle that would make them parents.

******End of Flashback******

The doctors finally figured out what had happened and were able to save Ronnie and Brad's baby. Ronnie was finally put in a room where she was going to stay overnight for observation.

The nurse finally found Brad, who had fallen asleep, so she gently shook his shoulder to wake him up.

Brad woke up and looked at the nurse and asked, "What's going on with my fiancee?"
"She is in room 2191 up on the maternity ward if you want to see her" the nurse said and Brad thanked her and walked to the elevators to see Ronnie.

Ronnie was watching the baby monitor and she put her hand on her abdomen and was talking to her baby when Brad walked into her room.

"Ronnie, sweetie what's going on with our baby?" he asked as he sat down next to Ronnie on her hospital bed.
"The baby is going to be ok but I have to be here overnight for observation" Ronnie said taking Brad's hand and putting it on her abdomen and Brad smiled at Ronnie and then kissed her.
Brad pulled back and then looked at Ronnie, "Why did this happened? I mean why when you were so careful did you start bleeding and you had those awful pains in your abdomen. I just do not understand".
"The doctors think I was stressed out and working too much or exercising too much too so I am told that I almost miscarried but the baby is fine. I am going to be put on bed rest until the baby is born" Ronnie explained.
"I promise you I will make sure you do not lift a finger for anything but I am going to have to kiss you senseless whenever I want too" Brad said kissing Ronnie again.
"I love you too and you better kiss me senseless whenever you wish" Ronnie joked and leaned in for another kiss from Brad.

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  1. awww yay...I am so happy that the baby is going to be okay. those two are so cute and going to be great parents. I can't wait for more.